Centre Cavaillès

Présentation : The centre is based on a project by Claude Imbert and, under its current form, formerly headed by Michel Morange. Since its creation, the Centre Cavaillès has been exploring philosophical and epistemological questions which stem from, or re-emerge … Lire plus


Centre international d’étude de la philosophie française contemporaine Présentation : The International Centre for Contemporary French Philosophy Studies, created in 2002, hosts and fosters research on contemporary French philosophy, taking into account its particularities, diversity, history and current practices. It … Lire plus


Centre de Recherches sur les Relations entre Littérature, Philosophie et Morale Présentation : This research centre was created in the spring of 2006 to promote trans-disciplinary projects that enrich our knowledge of the relationships between literature, philosophy and morals – … Lire plus


Présentation : The République des Savoirs Mathesis team was created in October 2012. Its members are guided by the conviction that a strictly internalist approach to the history of philosophy, centred on the study of particular authors, benefits from being … Lire plus

Philosophie morale et normative

Présentation : The moral and normative philosophy team is headed by Monique Canto-Sperber, whose work is devoted to metaethics, normative ethics and applied ethics. The team organizes regular seminars and study days, and has become a centre in which scholars … Lire plus


Presentation: This team was formed so as to continue the work of Marc Fumaroli, Honorary Professor at the Collège de France (†). It stems from the European Institute for the History of the République des Savoirs: Respublica Literaria, founded by … Lire plus