Rencontre : « Principles of Beginning »

Détails de l'événement


« Principles of Beginning »

Lundi 21 novembre 2022


Adresse :
Ecole normale supérieure
45, rue d’Ulm
Paris Ve
Salle des Actes (1er étage, escalier A)

Organisé par :
Maël Montévil (Centre Cavaillès/République des savoirs/CNRS)

Speakers : Divya Dwivedi, Shaj Mohan et Maël Montévil (Centre Cavaillès/République des savoirs/CNRS)

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The other beginning of philosophy arrives through a rethinking of the very meaning of beginning. The beginning in this case involves those philosophical works and intuitions from out of which one begins. The political and ethical questions arose from within and from outside of the philosophical archives of the past that are also demanding a new sense for « the history of philosophy. The deepest pre-conceptions of metaphysics which informs the sciences are being evaluated from out of the stasis in which several of the scientific pursuits find themselves today. For these reasons, the meaning of beginning is nothing simple.