Centre Cavaillès

Group Leader : Mathias Girel

Présentation :
The centre is based on a project by Claude Imbert and, under its current form, formerly headed by Michel Morange.
Since its creation, the Centre Cavaillès has been exploring philosophical and epistemological questions which stem from, or re-emerge through, the development of contemporary sciences. It is composed of scientists, science historians and philosophers whose aim is to draw links between science and philosophy, science and the history of science, and social sciences and exact sciences, with sustained attention to the tools, conditions and expressions of contemporary research.
The emphasis is on questions that arise at the interface of different disciplines: mathematics and biology, physics and biology, mathematics and computer science, psychology and biology, medicine and biology, theory of risk, as well as at the interface of science and society.

Team members

Former team members

Alastair Abbott, Sami Biasoni, Stéphanie Dupouy, Jean-Jacques Kupiec, Roselyne Le Gall, Linda Monsees, Michel Morange, Nicole Perret, Dakota Root.

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