Group Leader : Sophie Roux

Présentation :
The République des Savoirs Mathesis team was created in October 2012. Its members are guided by the conviction that a strictly internalist approach to the history of philosophy, centred on the study of particular authors, benefits from being broadened in three ways. The first is by considering classical metaphysics only in relation to the new sciences of the seventeenth century. In this respect, mechanical science is an ideal field of study, shared as it was between techniques and sciences, between arsenals and cabinets. Secondly, the approach is broadened by analysing metaphysical problems over a long period of time, and taking into account current developments in philosophy. Those who defend metaphysics today conceive of it as a reflection on the structure of reality that cannot be dissociated from contemporary sciences. The third and final mode of broadening the approach consists in taking seriously the idea that philosophy is a social practice, if only because it is taught, transmitted and debated in public spaces. These three directions constitute the three structuring thrusts of the work of members of Mathesis:

  • Mechanical science, between techniques and metaphysics
  • Classical and Contemporary Metaphysical Problems
  • Reception of Cartesian philosophy

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Paul Clavier, Michel Fichant, Florent Guénard, Hylarie Kochiras, Marco Storni.

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