Group Leader : Anne Simon

Centre international d’étude de la philosophie française contemporaine
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The International Centre for Contemporary French Philosophy Studies, created in 2002, hosts and fosters research on contemporary French philosophy, taking into account its particularities, diversity, history and current practices. It seeks to test this singularity in its relationship with other major philosophical movements, as well as in its relationship – which also characterizes it in its own right – with science, politics, the arts and especially literature. The research carried out can be grouped into four main areas:

  • the contemporary: figures and moments. The programme gives an account of the philosophical moments of the twentieth century (“1900” and the “Second World War” in particular) in their unity and diversity, their relationships and disruptions, it continues with work on the contemporary moment
  • archives and corpus: constitution and methods
  • concepts, issues, theories about metaphysical problems in their long history and their contemporary revival
  • philosophy in relation with literature, epistemology, politics. For instance, Dominique Combe is developing a project on philosophers’ writing and more generally on the poetics of philosophical discourse: styles, forms and genres. He is also scheduling work on the epistemology of literary philology, critique and theory, especially in the field of postcolonial studies.

The CIEPFC has also launched a research notebook, PhilOfr [1], and
an international network of contemporary French philosophy – ResO

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Laure Barillas, Émilie Cappella, Cécile Debrand-Bonapetit, Benjamin Descotes-Genon, Martin Dumont, Jean-Pierre Dupuy, Pierre-Alban Gutkin-Guinfolleau, Jae-Hyung Joo, Agustín Moreno Fernández, Olivier Moulin, Mendel Péladeau-Houle, Jean-Christophe Weber, Shengzhou Yu, Caterina Zanfi, Xiyin Zhou.

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